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Addiction often leads to anxiety and depression so once you recognise that you have an addiction to something it’s best to address this quickly.

Hypnosis is a very effective tool in helping you to rewire how you think about something you rather moderate or eliminate in your life.

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For thousands of years people have found themselves addicted to alcohol, tobacco, coffee, sugar, cocaine and the list goes on… mainly because these substances affect our dopamine levels quickly and we all like to feel good right?!

In moderation, or small quantities substances that influence your dopamine levels, some could argue, are not so bad… however when consumed regularly or in large quantities addiction starts to set in and our minds lose the ability to regulate dopamine. We therefore become addicted to the next hit.

While the substances listed above have been around for a very long time something a little more current but has the same affect is software. Many people are only just realising the negative effects of social media, gaming, emails etc and while all of this fantastic technology has its place we must know when to take a break from it. If you find yourself working on your email more than you’d like, refreshing your social feeds more than you’d like or spending too many hours gaming/ shopping on-line maybe it’s time to correct this addictive behaviour so your mind/ brain can start to naturally regulate dopamine again.

Giving up something we like using “will power” is much harder than rewiring the way we think about that “thing.” Using “will power” we still want it but tell ourselves we can’t have it. Once you rewire the way you think about it using hypnosis you no longer want teach yourself to think about it differently and this makes giving up much easier and more successful.

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Vara Glover

Vara has over 15 years experience leading, coaching, developing and managing people to be the best they can be.

She is an experienced psychotherapist who uses hypnosis to help her clients reach their personal and professional goals. Whilst she is proficient in using hypnosis with any/all issues she specialises in helping her clients with fears & phobias, professional & sport performance, addiction, anxiety, sleep issues & insomnia and birthing, becoming a new parent & fertility/infertility.

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