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More and more couples are having difficulty conceiving a baby naturally and one of the major causes is stress / pressure and anxiety!

Hypnotherapy can help to reduce these inhibitors we give our bodies a chance to reset and in time naturally conceive.

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When we experience stress/ pressure or anxiety the first parts of the body to shut down are the reproductive and digestive systems. This “survival” function is what our bodies have been designed to do from way back in our primitive days.

There was no use in digestion or reproduction if/ when being attacked by a tiger! Stress tells ours bodies to focus on more vital things like pumping more blood into the legs/ mussels, ensuring our eyes are sharp and we are alert.  The issue is today “our tiger” has been replaced by mortgages, email etc.

Sometime though, due to explained or unexplained reasons we are unable to conceive naturally and therefore begin to look at other options. For some (like me) we give IVF a go, for others adopting or surrogacy is considered and for others a decision is made to focus on other goals in life rather than having/ raising children. This is something we need to become comfortable with. Especially, if you have spent most of your existence thinking that “I’ll have kids one day.” When you expect that you can and find out you can’t some people can experience a feelings of worthlessness, which is of course not true. Others can experience anger – why me?! Regret – why did I wait?! Inadequacy – I’m broken/ruined/spoiled. Guilt – I’ve let someone down. Failure – I’m not good enough. Again the list goes on but none of these feelings are true. Hypnotic intervention & psychotherapy are great tools to help you recognise what different perspectives and move forward.

Fast forward ...If we are lucky enough to fall pregnant then birthing the baby nine months later becomes the next hurdle we have to overcome. And if you’re like me perhaps you’d prefer to birth naturally (with out drugs.) Hypnobirthing has become very popular in recent times with many celebrities supporting Hypnobirthing programs. Using breath, affirmation and focused mind control we can manage the pain of child birth very effectively.

Of course...when we eventually find ourselves holding a new born in our arms… many of find ourselves with that ever daunting question... now what?! Post natal depression is not a great head space to raise a new born! If yourself spiralling or frequently having negative seek urgent help. Trained therapists can help you silence unhelp thoughts and get through those first few month which can be very challenging for some.

Whether it’s reducing stress/ pressure and anxiety, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, managing pain, or silencing dark and negative thoughts hypnosis and Hypnobirthing is a wonderful tool teaching you how to tap into  your internal strength and resilience.

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Birthing & Infertility

Vara Glover

Vara has over 15 years experience leading, coaching, developing and managing people to be the best they can be.

She is an experienced psychotherapist who uses hypnosis to help her clients reach their personal and professional goals. Whilst she is proficient in using hypnosis with any/all issues she specialises in helping her clients with fears & phobias, professional & sport performance, addiction, anxiety, sleep issues & insomnia and birthing, becoming a new parent & fertility/infertility.

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