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Chronic Pain

Do you have pain that has persisted for over 6 months?

If so you may have what is called chronic pain, and we can help you to manage this pain to reduce the impact on your life.

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Chronic Pain

If left untreated or unrelieved, chronic pain can lead to significant discomfort, suffering, limitations and emotional distress. It's one of the most common reasons for seeking medical care and it often persists despite medical or physical treatment.

Hypnotherapy addresses chronic pain from a mental perspective and is proven to help healing because of the mind-body connection. Yep, your body and your mind are intertwined in such a way that when you create change in one, you can create change in the other!

Hypnotherapy can enable you to activate a holistic form of healing for both mind and body. The non-physical, safe and successful use of hypnotherapy is often preferable to physical forms of relief from chronic pain.

Hypnotherapy changes your mindset when you are coping with chronic pain. Often, your mindset is harmful to your well-being — fostering negative habits, thoughts, attitudes, and emotions. This negative mindset actually decreases the rate at which you heal. In hypnotherapy, the subconscious is influenced in such a way that change occurs deeply and authentically — in effect, changing your thought patterns and the way you live your life for the better.

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Chronic Pain

Tom Hutton

I’m a bit older than I act and, like everyone else, over the years my life has had its ups and downs. The good news is I'm here to help you through yours!

I use a bunch of techniques — including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, creative expression and counselling — to help your realise your wellbeing, performance and growth goals. I work with lots of different people, but I specialise in helping 'blokes', whether they be kids, pre-teens, young adults or grumpy old men.

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