Vara Glover

Northern Beaches Mind Coach

Vara has over 15 years experience leading, coaching, developing and managing people to be the best they can be.

She is an experienced psychotherapist who uses hypnosis to help her clients reach their personal and professional goals. Whilst she is proficient in using hypnosis with any/all issues she specialises in helping her clients with fears & phobias, professional & sport performance, addiction, anxiety, sleep issues & insomnia and birthing, becoming a new parent & fertility/infertility.

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After studying communication at university and extensive global travel Vara entered the corporate sector where she had great success in delivering business growth.  She believes that the mindset of the people in her team/s and indeed her own mindset was a major factor in achieving great results.

Vara became increasingly curious of the mindset of "successful" or "happy" people which lead to an obsession in reading biographies. In most biographies Vara noticed a pattern in behaviour which revolved around mindset choice. Vara enjoyed reading the classic rags to riches stories and often wondered how could it be that siblings who were raised the same, could experience the world in such different ways?! How was one the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and the other swept up in drug and alcohol abuse?! Was this just "fate" or a learned pattern in thought and behaviour?!

Working in the corporate sector Vara also met many people afraid of speaking up or public speaking. She knew these people had so much insight and knowledge to share, if only they could learn to silence their inner critic.

If we have the ability to control our own minds, why do we let our minds control us?!

Vara's interest in mindset and the "power" of the mind lead her to enrol to study at The Institute of Applied Psychology.

With her passion for business, goal setting and achieving success, and helping other be the best they can be Vara has made it her mission to help people discover a different way of thinking which serves them well through strategic psychotherapy and learning/development programs.

Vara has had great success helping people discover how to unite their conscious (logical mind) with their subconscious (emotional mind.)

Pre the pandemic, during (via telehealth) & after, Vara has helped many of her clients over come their fears. Most recently these have included needles, driving, vomiting, doctors/dentists, heights, dogs/animals, small/ enclosed spaces or crowds, trusting people, spiders, flying, public speaking, socialising etc

Vara has also helped her clients to get a restful night sleep, stop excessive drinking, smoking, eating & drug taking. In addition, Vara has taught her clients how to manage anxiety, manage discomfort, manage panic attacks and manage the mental effects of past trauma.

Vara has been interviewed on Netflix, Triple M and by T.I.M.E (a travel industry mentoring program.) Vara writes a blog, which you can find on her website and has a YouTube channel. She has written a book called “Your mind, your choice” and has developed training programs for the corporate sector. She has also worked with MetSEA (a company who train our possible next generation Olympic swimmers.)

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