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I feel ten feet tall and I'm normally 5'7 so I'm feeling great!

New Dad, Business Owner & Entrepreneur • Sydney

Rebecca has helped me look forward to the future again, see the beauty in our world, feel safe and to acknowledge and respect my past.

L.H • Anxiety, PTSD & Addiction

Life changing is the best way to explain my experience with Vara...  After a couple of sessions, the difference in my thinking and how I reacted to things completely changed.

Female in mid 20's • Mosman

I went to see Vara to help with my fear of flying and she was amazing! After only 1 session I found that the anxiety I had around flying had completely gone. After years of trying to combat this with nothing working, it took only one session with Vara to help me achieve a more calm, fearless flying pattern. Can’t recommend Vara enough!

Female in late 30s from Bondi

Life changing is the best way to explain my experience with Vara... After a couple of sessions, the diference in my thinking and how I reacted to things completely changed. Vara helped me to realize and be proud of who I am: a resilient, strong and kind person. She helped me to empower myself by giving me tools to block out all the external noise and information and to listen to my inner voice. She reminded me that even if I can’t control everything that life brings me, I can control my actions. And that deep inside of me I have everything I need to learn and grow from everything that the future might bring.

Female in mid 20s from Mosman

After each session I see things a lot brighter. I don’t know if that’s weird or normal. I really do see things differently. Even things like colours are more vibrant.


Vara, my son is a different person, he doesn't faint anymore! We can't thank you enough. You've helped change his life.

Father of son from Manly.

My teenage son is a different person! He was having issues with controlling his temper and I also found out that he had started smoking pot. He had been to see other mental health professionals, but after a couple of sessions it was clear that the fit was not right and no real progress was being made. I was introduced to Tom by a friend, and after a quick chat on the phone I thought he could help as his approach was quite different to what we had experienced before. The process started with a walk and talk during which Tom and my son had an informal chat, Tom then created a three session program tailored around my son's needs. After the first session the rest of my family and I immediately noticed an improvement in my son's ability to control his feelings and manage his anger. By the end of his program he had also stopped smoking cigarettes and recreational drugs. At the same time, my son was exposed to some pretty heavy stuff, including the drug-related death of someone he knew. Tom helped him to manage his feelings and response to this event, and I have been proud of the way that my son has stepped up and taken responsibility for himself and others through this difficult time. I believe that Tom's work has helped my son and I to become closer and to be more open with one another. I recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to connect or reconnect with their kids, especially teenagers, or anyone who wants some help in getting their kids to take more responsibility for themselves and their actions.


Rebecca has made a huge impact on my mental and physical health. ( I am not one for sharing publicly but she is worth it). I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and most recently chronic pain. I have tried talk therapy for many years and talking about the past just made me feel heavier. I have always been extremely passionate/ambitious but with the weight of my trauma, I found it hard to see hope and a future. Rebecca has helped me look forward to the future again, see the beauty in our world, feel safe and acknowledge/respect my past. She is like a therapist and life coach all rolled into one. Her warm compassionate energy and positivity has also led to a change in how I see my physical conditions and assists me to find power over my body again. I have and would never have tried clinical hypnotherapy but today I would recommend her to those I love most. Thank you Rebecca - you are truly born to do what you do.

L.H - Anxiety, PTSD & addiction

Amazing, life changing. It was a good way for me to get back to myself, reconnect to my nature and cut my useless thoughts. Thank you so much Vara

Female in late 20s from Northern Beaches

I have a teenage daughter and she was experiencing what we thought was some kind of mild social anxiety. Through her work with Tom she has been able to identify and explain some pretty significant underlying issues that had been building up over time. As they continue to work together I see my daughter becoming more confident, more empowered and more independent. Thank you Tom!


Hey mate. I feel ten feet tall and I'm normally 5'7 so I'm feeling great! Haha. Nah honestly feel really good. No questions at this stage. Thanks for checking in.


I can’t thank Vara enough for the real difference she has made to my life. Through her hypnotherapy sessions, I have learnt skills that are helping me now and I know will continue to in the future. Vara is professional, kind, understanding and non judgemental and I would highly recommend her.

Female in early 20s from Newport

After several years of competing in endurance running I was starting to find it hard to get motivated to train. In a couple of sessions Tom got me back on track... not just training, but really enjoying my running again.


After a life changing traumatic experience, I had (Past tense) been a compulsive nail picker for ten years prior to my first session with Rebecca and I have not touched them since other than to cut them with nail clippers! As a Landscape Gardener and musician, I now have renewed strength in my fingers and am enjoying the immense pleasure of playing my guitar with nails and, simply, just the look of them. This positive experience is now branching into all areas of my life. Thank you Rebecca. You have helped me infinitely.

D.P - Anxiety, habit elimination

I had been consistently drinking too much for a few years and it was starting to impact my life in a number of ways. Tom has helped me to change my attitude towards alcohol and my drinking is now under control and I am able to drink in moderation.


Bec is amazing. In my initial chat with Bec to set up the meeting she made me feel at ease - and that we would explore whether hypnotherapy would be the right fit. I got the feeling that she had my best interests in mind and that if it really wasn't a good fit, she would let me know so I could find something that would really help. It turns out it was exactly what I needed. ‍In our first face-to-face we talked through everything. Her evaluation was incredibly detailed - no stone left unturned. I'll share the basic gist because it really helped me, and hopefully this review will help you too! I had just had my first baby and my world was spinning - I hadn't realised it was post natal anxiety at the time. I did a couple sessions with Bec and she gave me a recording of our session to take home. It worked so well. Now I'm able to be fully present for my baby, and enjoy all of her quirks and curious nature without obsessively worrying all the time. ‍Bec is amazing!!I can't recommend her highly enough!

J.D - Post natal depression, anxiety

A few years ago I founded a tech start-up in the UK. It has been... and continues to be... a rollercoaster ride! Despite being on the other side of the world in Australia, over the years Tom has guided me and helped me to make decisions as I have shaped my business, grown my customer-base, secured funding and refined our product. He has helped me to make sure that the work I do adds value not just to my clients, but also to what I want to achieve with my own life.